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Murder Of Due Process

Posted 11/24/2017

murder of due processmurder of due process

Living in an age of technology and information, it’s natural to see an evolution of truth and transparency evolve. We have witnessed the fall of Hollywood Icons and elected government officials due to sex scandals. We continue to see new scandals emerge almost daily. We have also witnessed politically motivated smear campaigns such as the Russian Dossier that the Hillary Clinton campaign paid Fusion GPS $12 million to create, in attempt at discrediting the then presidential candidate Donald Trump.


Yet we have to wonder who else has fallen victim to smear campaigns perpetrated by the ultra wealthy and powerful. I have been forced to reevaluate previous opinions that I had formed over the course of my life, as we all should, and I continue to do so.


Michael Jackson claimed that the pedophilia charges brought against him were false. He also claimed that the Illuminati wanted to kill him. At that time, people assumed he was paranoid and guilty because we heard it from the main stream media. Jackson died under suspicious circumstances in 2009; with his personal physician administering a lethal dose of the IV anesthetic, Propofol, in his home allegedly, to help him sleep.


As sex abuse allegations in the entertainment industry begin to emerge, we now see that the abuse was prevalent and well hidden for decades. When brave young people did speak out, they were discredited immediately. Yet now, during this great awakening, we are able to catch a glimpse of the vile filth that existed. Celebrities coming forward claiming pedophilia was, and continues to be, rampant in the entertainment industry include Elijah Wood, Roseanne Barr and Corey Feldman. Corey Feldman is currently raising funds to produce a movie in which he will reveal all known pedophiles. Interestingly, Corey Feldman was also friends with Michael Jackson when Corey was a child and vehemently denies anything sexual ever occurred with Michael.


If Michael was innocent of the pedophilia charges, would he have attempted to send us signs about the evil industry that had set him up, if that were truly the case? Of course he would. The cover art of his Dangerous album is rich in symbolism of Illuminati.


In 2009, Michael Jackson released the song; they don’t really care about us”. And it was assumed that this was a racially motivated piece with the first verse as follows;


Skin head, dead head, everybody gone bad. Situation, aggravation, everybody allegation. In the suite, on the news, everybody dog food. Bang bang, shot dead, everybody’s gone mad.


This verse paints an image of chaos, hate and violence, yet he mentions the word allegation which doesn’t seem to fit the theme of the song but was a very real issue for him personally. The Chorus is more to the point.


All I want to say is they don’t really care about us. All I want to say is they don’t really care about us.


Yet one is left to question, who is the, “they”, he is speaking of? Since at first glimpse there is imagery of white supremacy one is lead to believe that the, “they”, is white people, but is this accurate? In the second verse he gets a touch more specific, though this verse was changed after he was accused of using anti-Semitic language.


Beat me. Hate me. You can never break me. Will me. Thrill me. You can never kill me. Jew me. Sue me. Everybody do me. Kick me. Kike me. Don’t you black or white me.


Michael is definitely making some statements about Jews, but is it all Jews or more specifically the ones running the entertainment industry? Perhaps this refers to the famous Jewish Nazi Collaborator, George Soros and his funding of hate groups to cause dissidence for furtherance of the New World Order agenda.


Much of the remainder of the song was written in regards to his mistreatment at the hands of police officers during his arrest. However, another alternative chorus mentions blackmail.


Skin head dead head, everybody gone bad. Trepidation, speculation, everybody allegation. In the suite, on the news, everybody dog food. Black man, blackmail, throw the brother in jail.


Was he being blackmailed? There was much speculation about the allegations and he was essentially convicted in the court of public opinion. How many others have we treated in the same manner?


As I stated previously, I honestly don’t know if the allegations against him were true. He was found not guilty of all charges in 2005, yet in the court of public opinion he was tried and convicted. I believed everything I heard through main stream media at that time. I now know main stream media spins facts to fit the narrative that they choose to push. News writers are nothing more than creative writers.


As Americans, we have a right to due process. When allegations against us occur, we are presumed innocent until proven guilty. We must continue to uphold the right to due process for all, especially those with whom we disagree with or are convinced of their guilt for whatever reason. In cases which are revealed after decades, we must question the timing, especially if that timing coincides with a major political election. We must always remain vigilant against the potential for powerful people to influence public opinions. If powerful people seek to discredit someone we should wonder what information they have that threatens these powerful people.


Question everything as always and stay vigilant. Many more allegations are coming. Don’t be distracted. This is a challenging time for patriots who seek truth. Rest assured that we are strong enough to face whatever truth is out there. To the Illuminati, Rothschild family and Bilderberg family I say, BRING IT BITCHES!